More versions coming soon...

We are now in the process of creating several special hybrid versions of VIP utilizing our Connected technology. These address specially selected market sectors and offer some unique and innovative customized features in addition to the standard set.

VIP is available now!

We’re delighted to announce that VIP is finally available! Both the iPhone and Android versions are available to download now.

Of course you can’t actually login and use the app at all unless you are a VIP but the service is now live. We are still working on organizing the admin backend to make it easier to use but the core functionality is in place.

We are already working on more modules to add new functionality and also have an iPad beta that we hope to release in a matter of weeks as well. More news on these as it happens. In the meantime you can find them using the links on our homepage.

Building in flexibility...

We’re busy at work getting VIP coded for you now. It’s a complex process with lots of going back and forth because one of the hardest things after you decide what you want to be able to do is to sue out how it all hangs together. How you can keep things as open ended as possible but ensure it’s still understandable too. Simplicity is important. It’s also important that everything is logical. It’s amazing how ‘simple’ things can be so hard to understand for some users, but really it’s just because it’s new to them whereas we’ve lived with it for months or even years. We’re constantly having to look at things with ‘new eyes’. It’s been exciting in recent weeks though, things have started to fall into place, find natural homes. The next stage is to show this to people who really will be seeing it for the first time and see what they make of it. Hopefully it all is simple… That’s what we’re aiming for.