• What is VIP?
    VIP offers you a way to link directly to your most important clients, customers, partners, the media, in fact whoever you wish to, who are important to your business, directly using their mobile devices. Then also create, monitor and refine this database using smart rules that monitor users actions and responses - providing you with an extremely valuable link with your audience that was previously impossible.
  • What mobile devices is VIP compatible with?
    iOS & Android - ideally phone sized, although it can also be used on tablets - so the vast majority of mobile phones and also devices like iPods and iPads. There is a specific iPad version due very soon as well.
  • How do my VIPs see my content?
    You have to connect with your user. If they don't already use VIP you invite them to download it and create an account. You can then either send a password to their email address or enter your VIP code into their mobile device to activate their account. Once connected they will see all your postings intended for them. If you add tags you can refine the info they see further. We offer you an HTML template and suggested text to use on our support page.
  • Why is the VIP App empty?
    You won't see any content in the VIP App until you have a connection with a business using the VIP service. If you have many connection the VIP App will show information and messages from all of these businesses.
  • Can I filter my messages to specific VIPs?
    Yes. Businesses can constantly refine their VIP data based on their actions and responses to info and offers posted. You can create your own tags. Tags can be defined, applied to users and used later on to refine who sees what in future.
  • I wish I could have my own branded App version...
    You can. VIP is one part of the Connected App that DropSwitch can create for your business. If you decide to create a Connected App later on we can integrate your existing VIP data into it. This allows you to deliver your message through your own branded app to any user in addition to offering a higher level of more targeted service to your VIPs. Your VIPs can also choose to use the VIP App if they prefer. For example is they are a VIP with multiple businesses and want to monitor news from all of these in one app.
  • How much does it cost?
    VIP is very affordable. You pay a monthly fee based on the number of VIPs you want to connect with. This means you can start small today and then grow your network as you connect with more and more VIPs. The cost per VIP reduces the more you have. The service starts from just $20 a month and you get discount for purchasing service for a year in advance too. The app is free and your VIPs pay nothing, unless you are making them members of a 'club' you charge a fee for of course.
  • What happens when I have more VIPs?
    When you reach your limit for VIPs you have to buy a higher level of service with additional VIP 'slots' as required. You can of course remove users from your account to 'recycle' some if you prefer. When you buy a higher level of service please send us a refund request for the outstanding service on the account. We will calculate what is owed on the account and offer to either refund your money or extend your new level of service accordingly to compensate you for what is owed.
  • We already have our own app - how can VIP fit in with that?
    You can simply use the VIP App as an addition to your existing app. We can possibly also build VIP functionality into your existing app - or you might even want to switch over to your own Connected App which can seamlessly incorporate your existing VIP user database.
  • What about my VIP's security?
    All user data is stored on our secure server. You can login to access and edit this data as necessary. We never share this data with any third party.
  • Are there any other maintenance costs?
    No. We take care of not only keeping the VIP App up-to-date but also developing new features as they become available. You automatically benefit from these developments and are never charged extra for any standard feature added to the app.